New Shows Added!


Rock N Roll on the Knoll

When:  Saturday May 14th 7:10pm

Where:  Stevenson College (UCSC) Santa Cruz CA

1156 High St, Santa Cruz, CA 95064 – Map It

More Info:  FREE – All Ages



Alameda County Fair

When:  Saturday July 2nd  7:30pm

Where:  Alameda County Fairgrounds


Damn The Torpedoes: DYI Guide to Music Videos

About a year ago I decided to start tackling more involved affordable music videos seriously on my own of what I call for me as an independent artist, the “large t-shirt size*” variety. We are just wrapping up the second video and I’ve learned that EVERYTHING that you can do yourself will save you money. I chose a hybrid approach of me doing a ton of work myself (DYI) and bringing in talented or professional folks where I felt value would be added and being cheap would do more harm than good.

Team Salt, A Red Epic Dragon and A Captain

Team Salt, A Red Epic Dragon and A Captain

This adventure as a music video executive producer led me to realize I needed the following:

1. A Song
2. A Concept or Vision for the video
3. A Budget
4. A Team (not required, heavily suggest)
5. A Network
6. A Plan for Promotion

1. Song

I pick songs that I love and that I have a gut feel are strong representations of who I am as a singer-songwriter and the sound of my band. The song that embodies the vision of my musical journey. You can do this yourself.

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Please Welcome Aboard Our New Vocalist Surreyya Hada!

We long searched The 7 Seas in a journey fraught with peril to find her, and I am excited to announce the addition of Surreyya Hada to the Crew! Surreyya is not only an amazing vocalist and entertainer, but an award winning belly dancer, a dance choreographer and potentiallya sirenic mermaid in her spare time! I began the project with female vocals and I am _beyond_ excited for us to begin a new amazing journey with Surreyya that will help serve and evolve the existing songs, create new exciting songs, embellish the live show as well as many other surprises we must keep quiet about lest we wake the Cyclops! Read More HERE!